How Kado Stands Out

We’re not all the same

We are witnessing an explosion of neobanks, savings apps, and payments infrastructure fueled by the efficiencies that web3 offers. It can be pretty hard to tell one from another with many of these dApps seeming to perform similar functions.

It’s important for Kado to explain where we plan on delivering value, and how it differs from existing debit card solutions being built on Anchor Protocol or Circle Yield.

First and foremost

Kado is a tool that goes far beyond the walls of a consumer-facing dApp. While we have gone to market with consumer-facing solutions on Terra/Cosmos to start, focusing on UST — we have more stablecoins and blockchains launching soon.

Simultaneously, our team has been hard at work on B2B on/off-ramp API and SDK-like offerings for builders and merchants to benefit from. Kado was built specifically with the goal in mind of providing simpler and frictionless access to stablecoins capabilities, to as many use cases and platforms as possible. We strive for Kado to be an integral money lego of infrastructure for the future of stablecoin utility; whether an on or off-ramp, a payments acquisition solution, or how you easily benefit from high-yield savings with your stablecoins.

Think of Kado’s approach to providing stablecoin payments solutions as similar to that of Braintree and Stripe. Open and accessible, where parties are able to benefit on their terms, for their custom needs, all the while taking advantage of revolutionary blockchain technology to better their business strategies.

With that in mind

Kado is firmly positioned as a resource to help other organizations building in Web3, taking the route of the blue ocean. The crypto debit card space has a ton of competition and the winner is yet to be determined. Will it be the best user experience, loyalty and customer support, or simply who provides the highest yield? Don’t get it wrong — we are bullish on neobanking via stablecoin technology, but Kado is rowing in a sea of positive sum API tooling.

Beyond that, Kado believes that providing optionality for modular building is key to mass adoption. With new savings dApps, for instance, there is an opaque nature to the APY that the users receive for their funds within the walls of a 3rd party app. Kado is building towards self-custody solutions where users can benefit from all that DeFi has to offer, without taking any % APY out of your pocket.

Ultimately, Kado believes that offering access to great savings APY beyond the walls of a single dApp is something that will rapidly accelerate mass adoption of stablecoin banking and infrastructure.




Payments infrastructure built for Web3

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Payments infrastructure built for Web3

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