How to Integrate Kado Ramp Widget and What It Means for Your Protocol

3 min readApr 12, 2022

Integratooooors! The time is now.

The Kado Ramp widget is now ready to be added to the protocols you’ve been hard at work building.

We’ve reached out to many of our peer protocols to collaborate on some of the biggest gaps in Web3 today — more ways to onboard newbies into their protocol, more ways to reduce friction in the UX, more ways to attract inflows of assets.

Kado Ramp offers two clear areas of differentiation for any protocol that chooses to integrate:

  1. The ability to capture new fiat capital, regardless of user skill or knowledge level, directly from your protocol
  2. The ability to increase TVL from existing users by decreasing “top up” friction

What is the Kado Ramp Widget?

Kado Ramp will set a new standard across the Terra ecosystem (and soon others) for on-ramping fiat directly into protocols. You may have already noticed the link to Kado Ramp added on platforms like Anchor, Terra Station, Kujira and Leap as an option to buy UST.

Compared to these initial connections, the Kado Ramp widget now allows users to on-ramp directly from your protocol using our backend, partners, liquidity, and experience, without ever having to leave your protocol at all.

No disruption = less churn. The Kado Ramp widget will make sticky applications even stickier, and help with onboarding fresh capital from new and existing users.

Why Integrate Kado Ramp Widget?

1. It takes almost no time — copy, paste, give it a test and you’re done! Check out the simple instructions here.

2. It onboards — With a fiat gateway directly on the protocol itself, the Web3 onboarding experience takes a giant leap forward by eliminating one of the largest barriers to entry for new fiat capital and new users. Kado Ramp is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to convert fiat dollars into stablecoins.

3. It scales with our new features and developments — As we add more features to Kado Ramp, they will be natively part of the Kado Ramp Widget. Take advantage of our ambitious roadmap (Off-Ramp SOON) to help transform stablecoin infrastructure together.

What’s Next?

We built the widget for those that need something simple and streamlined. For protocols that need a bit more, stay tuned — we’re working on a fully embedded API solution so you can have full control over the user flow and experience while still taking advantage of Kado’s core benefits. A direct integration with Kado Ramp means less friction for new entrants, and higher retention + lifetime value from existing users.

Next, Kado Ramp will also let you empower your prospective users by incentivizing their on-ramp directly into your protocol, directly into smart contracts, vaults, trades, you name it. Sleep easy knowing that every dollar ramped through the Kado Ramp integration at your protocol is a dollar used at your protocol.




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