How to Ramp into Anchor, Astroport, and Osmosis

Until now, the onboarding experience into some of DeFi’s most innovative protocols has been a cumbersome and expensive experience, which deters many new users from entering the space.

With the launch of Kado Ramp, we now have the cheapest, easiest, and quickest way to on-ramp your fiat directly into native Terra UST. From your bank account directly to your Terra wallet.

Now that you have UST, what can you do with it? Let’s start with some of the ecosystem’s most beloved protocols — Anchor, Astroport, and Osmosis.

Anchor Protocol ⚓️

Anchor is one of the keystone protocols in the Terra ecosystem, which essentially serves as steady, high yield savings on your deposited UST.

Learn how to easily onboard into Anchor Protocol with Kado Ramp here.


Astroport is a new innovative AMM and decentralized exchange on the Terra ecosystem.

Learn how to easily onboard into Astroport with Kado Ramp here.

Osmosis 🧪

Osmosis is the first IBC-native Cosmos interchain AMM and leading decentralized exchange.

Learn how to easily onboard into Osmosis with Kado Ramp here.




Payments infrastructure built for Web3

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Payments infrastructure built for Web3

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