Introducing Kado Ramp 🚨

Kado Ramp is the easiest way to move from fiat currency to stablecoins, period. The goal of Kado Ramp is to take one of the worst experiences in crypto and turn it into a seamless, foolproof service for all. Quick, cheap, and accessible. We believe that Kado Ramp is going to be a critical piece of payment infrastructure natively built for Web3. Best of all… V1 is here and ready for you to take it for a spin.

The On-ramp the Community Deserves 🤝

Kado has been community-focused since day one. When we collected beta signups, we sent out a survey to understand what it is that our community truly needs from an on-ramp. Here’s what we learned from you:

  • Our community is fairly mature — 75% of you participate in DeFi and yield farming
  • But, we’re not all degens — the most common use case for on-ramping is High Interest Savings (43%) e.g. Anchor. The least common is rapid management of LTV (6.8%)
  • Lower fees was the most important consideration, followed by convenience / fewer steps, then faster on-ramp time

With that in mind, we’ve built a product that focuses on what you want and need.

The Problem Kado Ramp Solves 🤮

The process of traversing between TradFi and DeFi is currently a headache for many. In order to get dollars -> stablecoins -> your digital wallet; there simply are way too many steps and fees, blocking new users from onboarding to Web3. Before Kado Ramp, on-rampers needed to wait for funds to transfer from your bank to an exchange, transfer to stablecoins, then transfer to an additional exchange, then transfer to your wallet. Time, fees, and friction.

We’ve had laser focus on delivering a product that alleviates all of the inefficiencies of the onboarding process.

Enter — Kado Ramp 🎬

Within 5–10 minutes from start to finish, the stablecoins appear in your wallet. Magic.

Who is Kado Ramp for? 🌎

Everyone. We believe that there is a bevy of opportunities that a low fee, high speed, stablecoin-focused on-ramp brings to Web3.

For Crypto-Newbies & Onboarders. Introducing your friends and family to the incredible ecosystem of financial independence and growth opportunities should be a smooth process. They want to get involved, but ask that dangerous question, “how?”. It takes at least an hour to walk a “crypto-newbie” through the process of getting their dollars into native UST.

Now, with Kado Ramp, you no longer need to move funds across all these exchanges and jump through these hoops & fees to onboard into Terra. Simply enter how much UST you want to purchase, connect your debit/credit card or bank account, fill in your personal information, and confirm the transaction. All in under 10 minutes. It is an onboarders dream.

For Degens. Onboarding fresh capital into the system at a moment’s notice, 24/7, is a major advantage for those that wish to BTFD, protect their LTV, yield farm, and snipe their favorite NFTs.

For Builders and Merchants. We are just scratching the surface. Kado Ramp will be a composable on/off-ramp embedded directly into merchant & Web3 applications; enabling connectivity for fiat solutions into crypto gaming, DEX’s, NFT’s, DAO’s, and more. The use cases go beyond anything that the Kado team can imagine and we look forward to the tremendous amount of innovation that will be built by our peers and partners.

If you’re a Web3 builder or merchant looking to enable stablecoin payment rails, reach out!

Onward 🚀

We spent 7 months building, optimizing, clearing legal framework hurdles, and now we can finally deliver this product to our community. The builders of Web3 now have a massive tool in their arsenal that will take the space to a new level.

And we’re just getting started. Kado is working on an ambitious roadmap informed by your voice, so keep making it heard! Thanks to all for your support, patience, and willingness to help us build a product that belongs to us all.




Payments infrastructure built for Web3

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Payments infrastructure built for Web3

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