Kado Pay Early Partners

4 min readNov 17, 2021



To bring Kado Pay to life and work towards our goal of closing the money loop, we have brought together a stellar list of stakeholders and partners. We’d like to clue in the community to some of the inner workings of Kado’s infrastructure, as well as some of the added layers of utility that we are building to further distinguish Kado as a first of its kind e-commerce platform. Let’s take a look at how we got here, who we’re excited about working with in the Terra ecosystem as we go-to-market with UST, and where things are headed in the future. 🚀

Getting Started

The first move that was necessary in building out Kado Pay was aligning with Terraform Labs. Working with folks from their team like SJ Park, Stanford Yu, Jeff Kuan, Matt Cantieri and Do Kwon has made the process swift. And knowing that we have their support has allowed us to move forward with great confidence in building other relationships that are critical to the success of Kado Pay. They know the ins and outs of the ecosystem and allowed us to focus on implementing the UST<>USD swap pool that we will now use as a core infrastructure layer for Kado Pay. 🌖

From Terraform Labs to Terra protocol partnerships…First off, Suberra Protocol. Suberra is a no-brainer partner for Kado Pay to leverage. We are thrilled to provide our users with access to Suberra, which will allow them to acquire Kado Pay memberships through Suberra’s unique subscription payment services leveraging Anchor Protocol yield. Suberra enables Kado Pay members to earn tiered rewards such as but not limited to discounts on purchases and/or zero shipping fees. As we build out Kado Pay and onboard new merchants, we believe that Suberra is going to prove to be an incredibly “sticky” service that merchants will want to incorporate into many facets of their TradFi e-commerce stacks (good thing we’ll have Kado Ramp to connect them on that front, too). ♾

Next up is Valkyrie Protocol. Valkyrie is a service that we believe has the ability to supercharge referrals on Kado Pay. As our platform becomes more robust, and we onboard independent merchants, we have no doubt that Valkyrie is going to be a tool that quickly proves its immense upside potential. Their cascading referral chain is going to help many merchants on Kado Pay access the upside of virality. We can’t wait to see the true powers of Valkyrie once we unleash Kado Pay. 🤝

CeFi to TeFi

The next partnership that we would like to highlight is Prime Trust. We believe that Prime Trust is a key player in how DeFi and TradFi will intermingle, building the future of crypto banking + payment rails. Prime Trust facilitates the UST<>USD pool that Kado Pay utilizes to power our e-commerce platform. We are truly excited to be able to work with a banking partner that understands that crypto is undeniable as a universal outcome. The swap pool and bridging services that Prime Trust provides are a huge step to further proving that UST is a superior form of money. Kado is thrilled to show off those services thoroughly with Kado Pay and Kado Ramp. 🏦

Strong and Secure

In performing such important tasks, security and user protection is of the utmost importance to Kado. For this, we partnered with Halborn Security to ensure that our platforms are iron clad. Halborn is an absolute leader in the space, and their services are worth every single penny that we invest into them. The peace of mind that we have knowing that our users will have the safest crypto native experience possible is priceless. We have been undergoing extensive auditing and testing with Halborn for multiple months, and will continue to work with them as Kado grows. ⚔️

Building Towards the Multichain Future

As we go-to-market with Prime Trust and UST, we are not stopping there. Kado Pay will not be a maximalist platform. We believe in consumer choice, and the multichain future. As Kado Pay grows, it will evolve into enabling all stablecoins and blockchains. 🌉

The next partnership down this path is between Kado and Circle. There is an obvious synergy between both parties, as Kado will enable USDC holders to spend in the real world, creating USDC utility, while Kado benefits from easy plug-ins to Circle Financial’s infrastructure. USDC on Solana, Algorand, Stellar, Ethereum, and more will be enabled on Kado Pay. The integration of Solana USDC payments is currently being tested behind the scenes as we speak. ☀️

As Kado builds toward the multichain future, we plan to integrate with all major crypto wallets to make spending stablecoins as seamless as possible. Today Kado Pay has integrated or is in the final stages of integrating Terra Station, WalletConnect, Phantom, Solflare, XDEFI, and many more to come. 💰

Stay Tuned for More

This is just the beginning of Kado Pay’s partnerships in developing the future of Web3 stablecoin shopping. Stay posted for a whole new cohort of Kado Ramp partnerships that are in the pipeline when it is “Ramp time”. 🙂 🔜




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