Kado Pay Launch Article

Here we go…

6 months ago we told the Terra community that once we make this leap, the way we see it, there’s no need to ever look back.

Today, with great joy, we introduce our revolutionary crypto powered e-commerce platform Kado Pay.

Launching on the Terra network, the thesis of Kado Pay is to arm crypto-native users with the ability to spend stablecoins on their favorite brands and essentials. Live in Crypto. Pay with Kado.

Whether it’s Twitter, Telegram or Discord — few of our daily rituals have remained untouched by crypto. That is why we found it absolutely necessary to build out a working way to participate in e-commerce without leaving the comforts of a digital wallet (e.g. Terra Station).

We can invest, save, farm etc with our crypto wallets; and now we can finally purchase quite literally any product that we could possibly need, with our crypto wallets. Yes, we mean it. The Kado Pay catalogue runs deep. All of your favorite brands — Apple, Gucci, Lululemon, Nike, Bose, the list goes on… Give it a spin and let us know if there’s anything that you’d like to see us add.

Speaking of “spin”…check out the Kado Spinner to earn daily shopping rewards. Kado Pay will continue to roll out gamified shopping experiences that build towards the future of Web3 shopping.

Make no doubt about it — we are customer experience obsessed. You will not need a laptop every time you want to use Kado Pay. Shop straight from your mobile phone with Terra Station Mobile.

Check out daily deals, most searched items, and sign up for the Kado Card waitlist.

This is one giant step for Kado in fulfilling our ultimate mission of closing the money loop entirely. The second we began to “live in crypto” it has been our unwavering desire to live inside of crypto forever. We know that there are millions of people who feel the same way.

Today, Kado Pay is a gift from our team to the Terra community. The future ahead will bring Kado to all major blockchains and stablecoins, letting other communities experience the joy of seamless crypto e-commerce. The multichain universe is inevitable, and we are eager to serve all stewards of our decentralized future with the essential service of spending stablecoins in the “real world”.

Along with multichain, there’s so many more things we are excited to build into Kado Pay.

We are just getting started…




Payments infrastructure built for Web3

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Payments infrastructure built for Web3

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