Kado V2 — The Future Is Bright

3 min readJul 27, 2022

As Kado came to life a little over one year ago, it’s time to look back at where we’ve been, what we’ve built, and where we’re going.

Around the World and Back Again

Kado was born in May 2021 during a Terra ecosystem hackathon, with the goal of being able to spend stablecoins in the real world, and easily buy more of them. As the first platform that enabled users to on-ramp directly into Terra and spend their stablecoins on Amazon, we saw great traction in a short amount of time. 100+ countries, $20m+ on-ramped, and over 10,000 users — in just 2 months of being live, with many B2B partnerships built out across leading Terra dApps.

While launching in the Terra ecosystem, we’ve always been building towards a multichain infrastructure. We’re excited about bringing our proof of concept to every web3 ecosystem — to enable seamless onboarding, connecting fiat rails, and fiat-to-crypto API solutions that builders can develop on top of.

The Vision

The world needs a digitally native payment infrastructure, built for web3, to take us into this new financial future. Kado envisions a world where every financial transaction occurs on the blockchain, enabling a constant flow of instant, programmable, cross-border, peer-to-peer transactions. The ability to transact instantly across the globe will unlock massive productivity in the economy and significantly reduce poverty around the globe.

This vision doesn’t just happen on its own and go from 0 to 100. There needs to be payment infrastructure to make it easy for everyone to access this new financial system, and get from 0 to 1; with the ability to scale up to 100.

Challenges to Adoption and How We Solve It

Kado aims to solve the two key challenges that users and businesses face on the journey to mass adoption of crypto and web3 — Access + Utility

  • Access — The ability to move between fiat and crypto is far too complicated, costly, takes too much time, and is full of friction.
  • Utility — Today there is significant unrealized potential of crypto and web3’s utility in the real world. Kado is here to close the gap and drive real-world utility, whether that be in the form of merchant payments, off-ramping to your bank account to pay bills with crypto, remittances and many more untapped use cases.

Looking Ahead

The launch of Kado V2 will bring upon us new innovations in multichain infrastructure necessary for mass adoption; removing the UI/UX complexities of multiple blockchains and countless friction-filled steps in navigating the complex, fragmented world of web3 today.

Users will soon be able to move between fiat and all blockchains with ease. As we develop partnerships with cross-chain platforms, Kado will not only be a fiat ramp, but also a cross-chain ramp. This opens up a whole new design space for on-ramping directly into smart contracts, removing manual steps for the user, with the smart contracts doing the hard work on the backend. The possibilities are endless:

🔜 Send funds cross-chain in one click

🔜 Buy a NFT using your credit card

🔜 Top up your LP pool with a bank transfer

🔜 Off-Ramp to your bank account to pay credit card bills

A Multi-Chain Payment Infrastructure Layer for the Web3 Economy

Kado will be the one-stop solutions provider to empower users, businesses, and developers to benefit from next-gen web3 payments infrastructure and simple fiat <> crypto gateway solutions. The future of finance is bright, and Kado will be here to usher in a new era.




Payments infrastructure built for Web3. Buy, sell, or swap with Kado for a premier fiat-to-crypto onboarding experience.