Stablecoins for E-Commerce Purchases

First things first

Let’s do a quick rundown on why stablecoins present the opportunity to increase the efficiency of our current digital payments landscape. This CNBC article (call for regulation aside) provides the core argument that stablecoins achieve what was Satoshi’s initial vision, peer to peer electronic cash. No middle man taking 10% on remittance, no closure on holidays, and no insolvency. Those are big claims, so we decided to do some testing- are stablecoins the product that best fulfill the need for an “internet level” peer to peer electronic cash?

First up, USDC

Cost: $55.99

Dai, AKA USDC with a “decentralized” mask on

Cost: $54.83

The least likely solution - USDT

Cost: $59.11

Slower, and more expensive.

Is this the actualization of peer to peer electronic payments? In our opinion, far from it. It is safe to say that in its current form, there is no way that stablecoins can fulfill the vision of peer to peer electronic cash. This isn’t to say that these same networks are not trying to build better, but the current state of affairs shows a glaring hole.

Kado is building a better way.

Please join our telegram, and follow us on twitter for the opportunity to take part in Kado Pay. It is our goal to help expand the mission of Terra Money, and bring T-Commerce to the masses. With Kado, our services will bring you to the closest to $50 for a $50 Amazon purchase you can get.



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